baby-hank-391It’s the first day of Spring and it feels like Summer!  Daffodil stalks have been growing since February.  Passing through town, I see many gardens are in full bloom, but no blooms on our north facing beds yet.  I think the forsythia know when Spring arrives; just yesterday there were only buds, but today’s warm temperatures (72ƒ) kicked them into high gear – the forsythia is in full butter-yellow glory.

This Winter, being so mild, I just wonder what’s in store for our Summer.  Only one major snow storm, early in October; Kevin says we need rain – preparing the gardens, he found the earth to be very dry already.  The “Mud Sales” around Lancaster County have been more like “Dust Sales”!

Around the Inn, some new arrivals:

Kevin re-purposed a door found in the barn to close off what we call our pantry.  So in the colder months, besides having a cold storage, it’s one less room to heat.

Curtains magically appeared in the kitchen, finally!  Those elves sure took their sweet old time.  Seriously though, thanks to friend Barb Kolb, our kitchen feels cozier and more finished.

Some new shops in town:  Stiegel Glassworks, 210 South Charlotte Street behind the RR station; B&K Country Crafts & Quilts, 55 South Grant Street working out of Bonnie’s garage; City Star Diner, 665 Lancaster Road (Route 72) formerly Baron’s Diner (formerly Lyndon Diner).

baby-isabel-10New in the Tompkins family:  grandbabies Henry James – December 2011 (Jon & Shannon) in NY and Isabel Grace – February 2012 (Dan & Viviana) in FL.  We’ll get to see the whole gang here in May when they all come for a visit!

The grass is greening up, it’ll be soon time for Kevin to mow the lawn – he decided to take the snowblower off the tractor, hopefully we won’t get a late-Spring-early-Summer snow storm, just rain, PLEASE!!!